Summer 2014, no 74: news and comment

Building a team around Wayne: the FA’s strategy for the next World Cup
The Leisure Review editorial
What did Sepp Blatter do on the occasional evening of Brazil 2014 when there was no match to watch? The editor wonders whether he caught up on programmes he had missed and what lessons he, and our own FA, could have learned.

News in Brief
Edition 84. A contribution to your working knowledge of the sport, leisure and culture sector. News items of interest relevant to a professional life of leisure.

La Flamme Rouge
The Leisure Review diary
Edition 6. Mrs Smith offers a dyspeptic view of the sport, leisure and culture sector, making casually bitter observations on the guilty, shifty and the apparently blameless.

The letters page
The Leisure Review letters page: a determinedly old-fashioned approach, bringing thoughtfulness and discernment into the process of debate. Of course it will never be popular but we beat on, a boat against the current.

The Catcher in the Rye
The Leisure Manager's Library
With a new secretary of state for education newly in post, we dare to offer a reminder of JD Salinger's classic and suggest a few reasons why the busy leisure professional might add it to the pile of books by the bedside.

volume 8 issue 6
Summer 2014

ISSN 1753-0725


Play matters: responding to this century’s biggest societal challenge

There has never been a greater need for active play and Michael Hoenigmann explains how the Association of Play Industries (API) is working to make sure this message is being heard.

Le Tour: signposting a better way
With the Tour de France returning to the roads of Britain, Peter Treadgold considers the lessons that the professional peloton might offer to those working to make cycling a greater part of the national transport system.

Active transport: the case for action
The Active Transport for Healthy Living Coalition looks at the implications of creating an environment conducive to active transport and explains why the time is right to make the most of the opportunities.

Making the familiar strange: one action that can transform your coaching
Having ventured into unfamiliar territory, Richard Bailey is convinced that an understanding of the impact of the new should an essential part of the coach’s approach to the learning process.

Rothko revisited
With one of the Rothko Seagram murals now back on display after a long restoration, Jonathan Ives returned to Tate Modern to revisit a modern masterpiece that inspired a lifelong fascination with art and galleries.

recent features from The Leisure Review

Leading the line for the national game
Pete Ackerley, senior development manager for the national game at the FA, talks to the Leisure Review about the developments that are driving change within the most venerable of governing bodies.

Looking for leadership in good times
and bad

The Leisure Review on leadership
Andy Reed, chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, offers his view of what leadership means and explains why the combination of vision and confidence is essential to the process.

Arts Development UK: making it work for their membership
The Leisure Review spoke to Pete Bryan of Arts Development UK about how the organisation has evolved to meet the needs of its members and serve the wider interests of the arts.

Big bang theory
The Healthy Comment column
Frustrated by a recent outpouring of the obvious, the Commissioner explains why we in the sport, leisure and culture sector need to get smarter, offering a seven-point plan to improve physical activity.

England expects: style, flair and passion at the World Cup
Menswear industry insider Nick Bell assesses England’s chances of making an impact on the World Cup and wonders whether we might have missed an opportunity for sartorial success.

Our man in Legazpi: leisure among the 1000 islands
Currently working with a range of development projects in south-east Asia, Andrew Whittaker offers an insight into what a life of leisure looks like in the Philippines.

Leadership in Leisure: a challenge for the sector
The Leisure Review on leadership
Continuing the Leisure Review’s exploration of leadership in an age of austerity, Christine Parsloe considers the challenges of allocating resources and anticipating the requirements of the future.

At the heart of sport: a new future for the Sport and Recreation Alliance
The SRA is developing a new approach and a new focus to its work on behalf of its members. Jonathan Ives spoke to Sallie Barker about the process of deciding what to change, what to change to and how to make change happen.

Visible Women: raising profiles, changing attitudes
Amie Samba reports on the work of Visible Women, a support network for women working in male-dominated industries, and argues that we can raise the profile of women in sport when the audience and leaders become visible.

Managing spas: design and operation
Having spent a great deal of time inspecting the pipework of commercial spas from the inside, Robbie Phillips explains that the pictures can reveal potentially life-threatening flaws in design and operation.

Legacy in lanes: the London Aquatics Centre
When the London 2012 Olympic pool finally opened to the public it was time for the Leisure Review’s poorly disguised mystery customer to dust off the clipboard and head for the nation’s most expensive and most prestigious swimming baths. Jonathan Ives reports.

Reimagining the future: leadership in times of austerity
The Leisure Review on leadership
Continuing the Leisure Review’s series on leadership, Ian Fytche considers the challenges of leadership for organisations facing these most interesting of times.

The Lee Valley velopark: a two-wheeled legacy opens to the public
Eighteen months after London 2012 came to a close the Olympic cycling facilities have opened their doors to the public. The Leisure Review went along to see what the velopark looks like in legacy mode.

The Lee Valley velopark: now that’s what I call a bike hub
Peter Treadgold revisits the site of the old Eastway cycle circuit and find out whether facilities have been improved since he was last on site. It seems that they have.

Is coaching defined by system-designers or by coaches?
With the development of coaching and coaches the subject of so much attention, Steve Kemp wonders whether reflecting on your own personal journey as a coach might help make sense of the coaching structures.

The coached experience: stories and recollections beyond winning and losing
A recent PADSIS conference suggested that positive early experiences were far more important than winning in generating enthusiasm for sport and participation. Richard Cheetham considers why “well done” might be the most powerful words in sport.

Where next for parks? A response
A recent Leisure Review round table considered the future for parks, a debate that prompted a response from Sid Sullivan on behalf of the Parks Alliance, the group campaigning on behalf of parks and open spaces across the UK.

Will we miss football when it’s gone?
With the World Cup only months away, the Leisure Review wonders whether anyone in charge of football has considered the implications of the Save Grassroots Football campaign.

Splash zones: a manager’s guide
A splash zone is an exciting water feature that can add life to outdoor and indoor environments but, as Robbie Phillips explains, like any other water feature it requires knowledge and vigilance to be managed safely.

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