April 2014, no 71: news and comment

Leadership: we'll know it when we see it
The Leisure Review editorial
With the launch of the Leisure Review on leadership series, the editor wonders what lessons might be learned and why certain individuals are thought to have what it takes to lead.

News in Brief
Edition 81. Manchester's library and the British Museum's room 41. Research on wellbeing and high streets. Funding furore and degenerate art. Guiding badges and cafe culture in Rome. Plus News in Brief's news in brief; none more condensed

La Flamme Rouge
The Leisure Review diary
Edition 3. The jewels of the leisure sector, polished and gleaming in new settings. Corruscating opportunities for the sport, leisure and culture sector to explore its many facets and examine its
value. All presented in a plush box tray and delivered in a nice box.

The letters page
The Leisure Review letters page: a determinedly old-fashioned approach, bringing thoughtfulness and discernment into the process of debate. Of course it will never be popular but we beat on, a boat against the current.

Beyond a Boundary
The Leisure Manager's Library
Widely regarded as the greatest book ever written about cricket , CLR James's rememberance and exploration of a life lived in the context of the game that shaped West Indian culture.

volume 8 issue 3
April 2014

ISSN 1753-0725


Reimagining the future: leadership in times of austerity
The Leisure Review on leadership
Continuing the Leisure Review’s series on leadership, Ian Fytche considers the challenges of leadership for organisations facing these most interesting of times.

The Lee Valley velopark: a two-wheeled legacy opens to the public
Eighteen months after London 2012 came to a close the Olympic cycling facilities have opened their doors to the public. The Leisure Review went along to see what the velopark looks like in legacy mode.

The Lee Valley velopark: now that’s what I call a bike hub
Peter Treadgold revisits the site of the old Eastway cycle circuit and find out whether facilities have been improved since he was last on site. It seems that they have.

Is coaching defined by system-designers or by coaches?
With the development of coaching and coaches the subject of so much attention, Steve Kemp wonders whether reflecting on your own personal journey as a coach might help make sense of the coaching structures.

Take a moment
The Healthy Comment column
With the sector facing unprecedented challenges, the Commissioner argues that it is time for story-telling, evidence-based decision-making and some very loud shouting.

The coached experience: stories and recollections beyond winning and losing
A recent PADSIS conference suggested that positive early experiences were far more important than winning in generating enthusiasm for sport and participation. Richard Cheetham considers why “well done” might be the most powerful words in sport.

recent features from The Leisure Review

Where next for parks? A response
A recent Leisure Review round table considered the future for parks, a debate that prompted a response from Sid Sullivan on behalf of the Parks Alliance, the group campaigning on behalf of parks and open spaces across the UK.

Will we miss football when it’s gone?
With the World Cup only months away, the Leisure Review wonders whether anyone in charge of football has considered the implications of the Save Grassroots Football campaign.

Splash zones: a manager’s guide
A splash zone is an exciting water feature that can add life to outdoor and indoor environments but, as Robbie Phillips explains, like any other water feature it requires knowledge and vigilance to be managed safely.

Coming soon: the state of UK parks revealed

Invited to attend a recent meeting of the APSE advisory group, the Leisure Review was offered a brief glimpse into the background of the imminent HLF State of UK Parks report. Jonathan Ives reports.

Where next for parks? The Leisure Review round table
The Leisure Review convened a round table of experts to consider the future for parks and the value of the ongoing campaign to draw attention to the importance of our open spaces. This is what they said.

Leadership in an age of austerity
The Leisure Review on leadership
Martyn Allison wonders what good leadership looks like in an age of austerity and offers some suggestions on the skills we might look for in a new generation of management professionals.

Home of the blues: behind the scenes at Oxford University Sport
The Leisure Review’s winter conference visited Iffley Road, the celebrated home of Oxford University Sport, to meet John Roycroft, the university’s director of sport, and discover the role that sport plays in Oxford life.

The end of economics: why numbers are killing culture
Inspired by the culture secretary’s recent speech at the British Library, Jonathan Ives argues that the time has come for the government’s department of culture to ask the Treasury that most difficult of questions: why?

Managing pool water: The Leisure Review round table
With research programme into the standards of management and control of cryptosporidium in Wales ongoing, The Leisure Review gathered a number of experts to explore the implications for the management of swimming facilities.

Christine Parsloe: Guardian public servant of the year
Christine Parsloe, leisure and culture development manager at the London borough of Merton, spoke to The Leisure Review about her career, awards and what this recognition might mean for leisure and for her personally.

Mad about the Boy
On a bright, cold day in mid-November a great many people headed to St Paul’s for a memorial service to celebrate the life of Nick Reeves. The Leisure Review joined them.

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